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About Us
About was conceived by Frank and Cindy Carman to fill a void in the genealogy Internet world. Genealogists have had access to only scanty lists of genealogy links relative to the millions that exist on the Internet and the thousands that are being added on a regular basis. It was felt that the time had come for a Genealogy Search Engine that was dedicated to serving the genealogists in their efforts to locate relavent genealogical data on the Internet. Hence, was born. We are dedicated to making this genealogy portal the most comprehensive and - at the same time - the easiest to use, so that you, our fellow genealogist, will be able to find links to those long lost records with greater ease.

The following is a little background about us:

Frank Carman, Ph.D. is a graduate of M.I.T. in Physics with advanced degrees from the University of Washington and Brigham Young University. His doctoral work was interdisciplinary among Physics, Computer Science, and Linguistics. Dr. Carman spent most of his career as a research scientist in industry. Genealogy has been a hobby for him for many years. Turning his technical training to this subject, Dr. Carman was instrumental in developing the site. Today, Dr. Carman has retired from the research environment and is now spending his full time in the areas of genealogy and alternative medicine.

Cindy Carman is a graduate of Indiana University in accounting. She worked for many years at the corporate headquarters of major firms in the field of accounting. She has a wide spectrum of experience as a commercial artist, real estate agent and manager, owner of a construction company, and many other occupational experiences. Her passion for genealogy has been a driving force for building this site. In these capacities she acts as personnel manager, accountant, and network systems specialist. Together, Frank and Cindy Carman make an ideal husband/wife team for the creation of

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