Intelligent Search
The Ultimate Genealogy Search Technology

Do you get too many garbage links when you search for a genealogy record using one of the popular search engines? Are you looking for an alternative to Cyndi's List? Are you looking for a searchable index that is easier and faster to use? How often have you searched for a name or a record on the Internet using one of the popular search engines and gotten so many link results that you couldn't look at all of them? Try an IST Intelligent Search Now!

I, Cindy, wasted so much time going through links that had no information about my ancestors or were dead links, that I asked my husband, Frank, if he would develop for me an Intelligent Search Technology that could detect those links that had the truly valuable family history information I needed. With his expert skill and my knowledge of the popular search engines we developed, a Complete Genealogy Search Solution.

We initially put this site online in 2001. This year, 2005, we have completely redesigned and upgraded the site to take advantage of the many changes in the various online genealogical databases. Many researchers do not know how much the internet genealogical resources have changed over the last four years. Many resources that were available online just four short years ago have moved to another website or are no longer available at all on the internet.

Our aim is to provide for FREE the most complete index of links to genealogical resources. The big websites are so easy to find; nevertheless the Intelligent Search Technology and will guide you to valuable family history information on individual websites that so often is missed by new web researchers.

We can take the mystery out of searching for your ancestors on the Web. Our Intelligent Search Technology is one of a kind. It is the most powerful finder of correct genealogy data on the web. You don't need to be an expert. Our Search Technology does all the hard work. You just enter the name you're looking for and we formulate the most effective search to give you the best results. You will want to use again and again because it saves you time and effort.

Let us help you find your ancestors through our Intelligent Search Technology (IST). This search technology has taken 10 years to develop and is NOT a Meta-Search engine.