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YW, HANNAH       Married 1634       WILLIS, JOHN
YW, MARY       Married 1558       LE MAHIEU, JACQUES
YWAIN, SIR       Married 0559       LOTHIAN, THANEY
YWANCIOW, ANDREW       Married 1946       WEATHERBY, MARY
YWANCIOW, ANDREW       Married 1946       WELCH, MARY
YWANCIOW, MARY       Married 1964       SMITH, JAMES
YWANOW, GAYLE       Married 1989       WILLIAMS, CHARLES
YWEED, KATE       Married 1892       MILLIKEN, GEORGE
YWEMA, FOSKE       Married 1734       MULDER, ROELEF
YWEMA, HARCKO       Married 1530       IDEMA, HAEBE
YWENTZEL, SAVILLA       Married 1856       HAINS, JARED
YWEST, SARAH       Married 1826       MCKEE, WILLIAM
YWI, SARAH       Married 1788       HALL, HUGH      
YWICKLE, BARBARA       Married 1887       POSEHMANN, O

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