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XAMORA, FRANCISCO       Married 1984       PERRY, NORMA
XAMORA, JR       Married 1984       PERRY, NORMA
XAMOUNTRI, THIEW       Married 1989       SOMCHIT, SOY
XANDER, AARON       Married 1869       CORMANY, ANNA
XANDER, AFLBERT       Married 1920       STEPHENS, EDNA
XANDER, ALBERT       Married 1897       DIEHL, CAROLINE
XANDER, AMANDA       Married 1867       HOLBEN, JEFFERSON
XANDER, ANN       Married 1850       ROMIG, JOHN7
XANDER, ANN       Married 1968       RYMAN, JAMES
XANDER, ANN       Married 1848       ZEISLOFF, SAMUEL
XANDER, ANN       Married 1854       ZEISLOFF, SAMUEL
XANDER, ANN       Married 1898       ZELLERS, HERBERT
XANDER, ANNA       Married 1797       GUTH, PETER
XANDER, ANNA       Married 1849       KRESSLEY, JONAS
XANDER, ANNA       Married 1896       MINNICH, OSCAR
XANDER, ANNA       Married 1646       RAU, CASPAR
XANDER, ANNA       Married 1830       ROMIG, PETER
XANDER, ANNA       Married 1830       ROMIG, PETER7
XANDER, ANNA       Married 1904       STIEFBOLD, DANIEL
XANDER, BARBARA       Married 1723       ESENWEIN, HANS
XANDER, BARBARA       Married 1789       FINGERLE, JOHANN

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