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XANDER, IDA       Married 1913       MILLER, NATHAN
XANDER, JACOB       Married 1849       RUMMLER, ANNA
XANDER, JOHN       Married 1823       BAKER, MAGDALINE
XANDER, JOHN       Married 1849       RUST, BARBARA
XANDER, JONATHAN       Married 1860       HOLBEN, LUCY
XANDER, JOSEPH       Married 1923       HUETT HEWITT, ELSIE
XANDER, KARLEEN       Married 2000       YOUNG, JEFFREY
XANDER, KIESEL       Married 1764       ROMIG, JOHANN
XANDER, LEON       Married 1898       UNKNOWN, ELIZABETH
XANDER, LEONHARD       Married 1716       ORNER, MARIA
XANDER, LOUELLA       Married 1913       MILLER, NATHAN
XANDER, LOUISE       Married 1904       STIEFBOLD, DANIEL
XANDER, LUCY       Married 1848       ZEISLOFF, SAMUEL
XANDER, LYDIA       Married 1847       KUNKEL, ADAM
XANDER, LYDIA       Married 1840       LUCKENBILL, ABRAHAM
XANDER, LYDIA       Married 1827       WAGNER, SAMUEL
XANDER, MARGARETHA       Married 1821       JÜNGER, CASPER
XANDER, MARIA       Married 1849       KRESSLEY, JONAS
XANDER, MARIA       Married 1764       ROMIG, JOHANN
XANDER, MARIA       Married 1844       WALBERT, SOLOMON
XANDER, MARIE       Married 1950       HAMMERLY, ROBERT

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