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X, ANNABELLE       Married 1930       HINTLIAN, CHARLES
X, ANNAH       Married 1739       BARNUM, GIDEON
X, ANNE       Married 1706       COUC, JEAN       in
X, ANNE       Married 0937       DE GÉVAUDAN, ETIENNE
X, ANNE       Married 1626       HARDY, THOMAS
X, ANNE       Married 1740       HORTON, DAVID
X, ANNE       Married 1695       SCHWING, JEAN      
X, ANNE       Married 1930       WILSON, FRED      
X, ANNETJE       Married 1623       COPPERT, JACOB
X, ANNIE       Married 1886       HORTON, DANIEL
X, ANNY       Married 1815       MILLER, JOHN      
X, APPOLONIE       Married 1610       HAUPRECHT, CLAUS
X, ARNALDO       Married 1958       COLONNA, IVETE
X, ASENATH       Married 1827       MILLER, FREDERICK
X, AUGUST       Married 1906       KEHL, MARIA      
X, BARBARA       Married 1642       ROTH, MATTHIAS
X, BARBARY       Married 1813       FLIEHMANN, CONRAD
X, BARBE       Married 1620       MILLOT, NICOLAS
X, BARNIM       Married 1581       VON HOHENZOLLERN, ANNA
X, BATHILDE       Married 0649       CLOVIS II, UNKNOWN
X, BEATRICE       Married 1139       DE VERE, AUBREY
X, BELA       Married 1700       BLOCH, SAMSON
X, BERNICE       Married 1947       MICHENER, ATHOL
X, BETSEY       Married 1831       DINEHART, JOHN

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