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X, ANNA       Married 1833       HIEBERT, DANIEL
X, ANNA       Married 1753       HUTTO, ISAAC
X, ANNA       Married 1768       INGALLS, DAVID
X, ANNA       Married 1800       JANZEN, GERHARD
X, ANNA       Married 1945       MARTORELLI, JOSEPH
X, ANNA       Married 1845       REYNOLDS, ISAAC
X, ANNA       Married 1737       RICH, URIAH
X, ANNA       Married 1727       STEVENS, JOSEPH
X, ANNA       Married 1745       THOMAS, GABRIEL
X, ANNA       Married 1886       ZÜND, JOHANN      
X, ANNABELLE       Married 1930       HINTLIAN, CHARLES
X, ANNAH       Married 1739       BARNUM, GIDEON
X, ANNA_CLARA       Married 1683       MERCK, JOHANN
X, ANNE       Married 1706       COUC, JEAN       in
X, ANNE       Married 0937       DE GÉVAUDAN, ETIENNE
X, ANNE       Married 1626       HARDY, THOMAS
X, ANNE       Married 1740       HORTON, DAVID
X, ANNE       Married 1695       SCHWING, JEAN      
X, ANNE       Married 1930       WILSON, FRED      
X, ANNETJE       Married 1623       COPPERT, JACOB
X, ANNIE       Married 1886       HORTON, DANIEL
X, ANNY       Married 1815       MILLER, JOHN      
X, APPOLONIE       Married 1610       HAUPRECHT, CLAUS

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