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X, MR       Married 1882       BODIAM, ELLEN       in
X, MR       Married 1886       CLARK, FLORENCE      
X, MR       Married 1746       CONTE, CLAUDINE      
X, MR       Married 1731       KAUFF, CHRISTINE      
X, MR       Married 1742       SIONNET, MAGDELEINE
X, MR       Married 1690       WELLINGTON, ELIZABETH
X, MS       Married 1702       WELLINGTON, EBENEZER
X, MYRTLE       Married 1920       SMITH, BYRON
X, NANCY       Married 1952       CLARK, CLYDE
X, NANCY       Married 1930       HINTLIAN, HARRY
X, NANCY       Married 1832       JAMES, ROLLINS
X, NANNIE       Married 1868       GILLESPIE, THOMAS
X, NANTHILDE       Married 0629       AUSTRASIA, DAGOBERT
X, NELLY       Married 1895       BARNUM, CHARLES
X, NEYLE       Married 1596       BOTSFORD, RICHARD
X, NM       Married 1790       SACKVILLE, JOHN
X, NM       Married 1070       THOUARS, AYMERY
X, NN       Married 1259       X, VRIESE       in NLD
X, OETHILDE       Married 1000       HOLLAND, THIERRY
X, OF       Married 1121       CHATELLERAULT, ELEANOR
X, OLIVE       Married 1897       EARL, HORACE      
X, OSCAR       Married 1887       KNAUSS, ANNIE
X, OTTILIE       Married 1090       DE FAUCIGNY, GUILLAUME
X, PAMELA       Married 1826       BARNUM, LEMAN

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