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X, JANNETJE       Married 1538       X, JACOB      
X, JEAN       Married 1678       LEBLOND, CATHERINE
X, JEAN       Married 1900       WEIR, WILLIAM
X, JEANETTE       Married 1873       AYER, GEORGE
X, JEMILIA       Married 1835       HOWELL, WILLIAM
X, JENTJE       Married 1753       OTTER, ALBERT
X, JOAN       Married 1242       DE DREUX, PIERRE
X, JOAN       Married 1348       POYNINGS, MICHAEL
X, JOAN       Married 1556       UPHAM, JOHN       in
X, JOAN       Married 1952       WELLMAN, BILLIE
X, JOANNA       Married 1630       SMITH, JOHN
X, JOANNA       Married 1645       TEMPLE, RICHARD
X, JOANNA       Married 1547       WAY, HENRY      
X, JOHANN       Married 1906       KEHL, MARIA      
X, JOHN       Married 1920       CADOGAN, ALEXANDRA
X, JOHN       Married 1972       CHARTERIS, FRANCES
X, JOHN       Married 1385       DEFURNEAUX, ELIZABETH
X, JOSEFINA       Married 1630       ALSINA CODINA, PERE
X, JOSEPHINE       Married 1895       PISKORSKI, ADOLPH
X, JUDITH       Married 0990       BOUZONVILLE, ADALBERT
X, JUDITH       Married 0857       X, ETHELBALD
X, JUDITH       Married 0856       X, ETHELWULF
X, JULIAS       Married 0100       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
X, JULIE       Married 1940       DERWINSKI, ANTHONY

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