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X, ABIGAIL       to       X, ALEXANDER
X, ALEXANDER       to       X, ALICE
X, ALICE       to       X, ANNE
X, ANNE       to       X, BOGISLAV
X, BOGISLAW       to       X, CHRISTIAN
X, CHRISTIAN       to       X, ELINOR
X, ELISABETA       to       X, ELLEN
X, EMMA       to       X, FRANCES
X, FRANCESCA       to       X, GUILLAUME
X, GUILLAUME       to       X, HEINRICH
X, HENRY       to       X, JACOB
X, JANE       to       X, JUDITH
X, JULIE       to       X, LOUIS
X, LOUIS       to       X, LUCY
X, LUDWIG       to       X, MARI
X, MARIA       to       X, MARY
X, MARY       to       X, MARY
X, MARY       to       X, MAUD
X, MAY       to       X, NM
X, NN       to       X, RICHWARE
X, ROSANNA       to       X, SUSANNA
X, SUSANNA       to       X, WILLIAM
X, WILLIAM       to       X, WILLIAM
X, WILLIAM       to       X, X
X, X       to       X, Y

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