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WÉRA, ANNE       Married 1732       SCAFF, MÉDARD
WÉRA, CATHERINE       Married 1733       DECHÊNE, GÉRARD
WÉRA, CATHERINE       Married 1784       SUINEN, ARNOLD
WÉRA, JEAN       Married 1628       LIBERT, MARGUERITE
WÉRA, JEAN       Married 1802       SCAFF, ANNE
WÉRA, JEANNE       Married 1806       HARDY, LAMBERT
WÉRA, JOSÉPHINE       Married 1870       BAILLY, JOSEPH
WÉRA, LAMBERT       Married 1755       LAURENT, MARIE
WÉRA, MARIE       Married 1840       BURTHOUL, JEAN
WÉRA, MARIE       Married 1766       GUILLAUME, BARTHÉLEMI
WÉRA, MARIE       Married 1795       HUSAY, GABRIEL
WÉRA, MARIE       Married 1836       JACQUET, TOUSSAINT
WÉRA, MARIE       Married 1762       VERJUS, PIERRE
WÉRA, MICHEL       Married 1768       FRENAY, MARIE
WÉRA, NICOLAS       Married 1726       LHOEST, CATHERINE
WÉRA, ULDARIC       Married 1801       VERJUS, MARIE
WÉRIHET, JEAN       Married 1632       JENON, PASCALE
WÉRIHET, JUDE       Married 1701       UNKNOWN, ODILE
WÉRY, GILLES       Married 1734       DESSARD, AGNÈS
WÉRY, GILLES       Married 1839       KEVERS, MARIE
WÉRY, JEANNE       Married 1758       PETIT, PIERRE
WÉRY, MARIE       Married 1888       BROUWERS, NICOLAS
WÉRY, MARIE       Married 1700       GILLET, JEAN
WÉRY, ODA       Married 1710       CUITTE, SÉBASTIEN

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