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W01B1, MISS       Married 1251       T01B1, RUDOLF
W01B1, MRS EBERHARD       Married 1222       W01B1, EBERHARD
W01B1, MRS KONRAD       Married 1220       W01B1, KONRAD
W01B1, MRS LUITGARD       Married 1040       W01B1, EMICH
W01B1, MRS MANFRED       Married 1617       W01B1, MANFRED
W01B1, NIKOLAUS       Married 1868       W01B1, WILHELMINE
W01B1, PAUL       Married 1805       SAXE, CATHARINE
W01B1, PAULINE       Married 1829       NASSAU, GEORG
W01B1, PAULINE       Married 1817       W01B1, FRIEDRICH

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