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WV, JIN       Married 1990       WV, MIKE
WV, MIKE       Married 1990       WV, JIN
WVALERAN II, COUNT       Married 1060       JUTTA, OF
WVALLE, JACINTO       Married 1996       LIMERICK, SALLIE
WVANDIKE, JOHN       Married 1858       ELSWICK, JANE
WVANDIKE, JOHN       Married 1861       STEELE, ELIZABETH
WVANS, SARAH       Married 1849       GALBRAITH, SAMUEL
WVEEDER, HAROLD       Married 1930       UNKNOWN, MILDRED
WVIA, WILLIAM       Married 1841       BALLARD, SUSAN
WVIARCO, MARGARITA       Married 1997       ESTRADA, LUIS
WVIGEE, JOHN       Married 1737       LASKEY, HEPSIBAH
WVORI, ELLA       Married 1921       ANDERSON, WALTER
WVOSSELER, JANET       Married 1934       VAIL, EDGAR
WVR, JOHANN       Married 1728       NOLL, GERTRUD
WVRIETTE, JW       Married 1911       MURRELL, NANNIE

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