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WP, ELIZABETH       Married 1835       PACK, WILLIAM
WP, JULINA       Married 1877       PACK, WILLIAM
WP, MARY       Married 1866       PACK, WILLIAM
WP, MATILDA       Married 1852       PACK, WILLIAM
WP, VICTORIA       Married 1900       SPILLMAN, WILEY
WPANKEY, GEORGE       Married 1892       STRICKLIN, NANNIE
WPARENT, CHARLOTTE       Married 1857       DEVERS, JOHN
WPARRACK, CHARLES       Married 1837       FESLER, DINA
WPARSONS, JESSIE       Married 1900       MOHLER, JOSIE
WPCARIS, E       Married 1891       CARIS, PHILLIP
WPEDLEY, CLARENCE       Married 1936       GROSE, BEATRICE
WPHILLIPS, HANES       Married 1838       ZANE, ANN
WPICKUP, JOHN       Married 1880       CRICHTON, MARGARET
WPOFF, LEWIS       Married 1848       EPPERLY, NANCY
WPOLLEY, ROBERT       Married 1940       POLLEY, DORIS
WPORTS, HENRY       Married 1831       ARMACOST, RACHEL
WPOST, JOHN       Married 1839       ADAMS, PHEBE
WPOTZ, HENRY       Married 1912       SCHAUB, THERESA
WPPD, ABRAM       Married 1903       MEYERS, MARY
WPPD, JAMES       Married 1892       STAFFORD, JEANNIE
WPPD, WILLIAM       Married 1903       MEYERS, MARY
WPPDRUFF, CLARRISA       Married 1870       CALHOUN, HIRAM

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