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VRIES, ENGELTJE       Married 1906       SLUIS, GERRIT
VRIES, ESTHER       Married 1852       BUUREN, ANDRIES
VRIES, EVERT       Married 1802       KLEIN, LIJSBETH
VRIES, FANNY       Married 1910       EGEDY, GERRITT
VRIES, FEMMIGJE       Married 1832       BLOK, EGBERT
VRIES, FROUKJE       Married 1923       HONING, HENDRIK
VRIES, FROUKJE       Married 1826       KOSTER, PIETER
VRIES, GEERT       Married 1861       BARTELIS, LOLKJEN
VRIES, GEERT       Married 1788       FREERKS, REINTJE
VRIES, GEERT       Married 1888       JAGT, GEESSIEN
VRIES, GEERT       Married 1788       OLDENBURGER, REINTJE
VRIES, GEERTJE       Married 1851       POPKEN, ROELOF
VRIES, GEERTJE       Married 1860       WIT, HILBERT
VRIES, GEERTRUIDA       Married 1838       KIEFT, JAN

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