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VRIBES, DAWN       Married 1992       BRANNAN, RODNEY
VRIBES, NELLIE       Married 1974       VRIBES, RITO
VRIBES, RITO       Married 1974       VRIBES, NELLIE
VRICELLA, PAUL       Married 1981       HENDLEY, KATHRYN
VRICH, KATHERINE       Married 1897       KENNEDY, GEORGE
VRICHREY, JONATHAN       Married 1835       MACY, RACHEL
VRICK, GLENN       Married 1992       GOSSETT, KRYSTINA
VRICKA, JOSEF       Married 1893       BALSAN, ANNIE
VRIDAG, HENDRIK       Married 1768       WESSELS, JANNA
VRIDGE, HANNAH       Married 1741       COLEBRAN, EDWARD
VRIEDEN, WILHELM       Married 1783       GILGEN, MARIA
VRIEG, ANNA       Married 1579       ZUMAST, STEPHAN
VRIEGA, JOSE       Married 1991       BROWN, MICHELLE
VRIEL, JEAN       Married 1665       DUFAY, MADELEINE
VRIEL, JUDITH       Married 1682       LEGRAND, PIERRE

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