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UY, PETER       Married 1996       LY, KIMLY       in
UY, PHILIP       Married 1980       ONG, LETICIA
UY, PHILLIP       Married 1982       KELLY, LISA
UY, RAMON       Married 1983       REYES, MARIA      
UY, RAMON       Married 1971       UY, BERNARDITA
UY, RAMON       Married 1985       UY, GREGORIA
UY, REX       Married 1983       LAO, ANGELA       in
UY, REX       Married 1990       POSADAS, JOSEPHINE
UY, RODERICK       Married 1984       UY, TONI
UY, ROWENA       Married 1999       SAMONTE, DEO
UY, SAMATH       Married 1999       SAO, JOHNNY      
UY, SHEILA       Married 1988       BARREIRO, TIRSO
UY, SOKHA       Married 1986       NORNG, DUM      
UY, TONI       Married 1984       UY, RODERICK
UY, TORN       Married 1985       OUK, SOK       in

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