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UMLAND, MICHAEL       Married 1992       PEARSON, SHANNON
UMLAND, MOLLIE       Married 1980       FULLEN, JAMES
UMLAND, MOLLIE       Married 1979       UMLAND, BENNY
UMLAND, OMLON       Married 1934       ARENDT, JACOB
UMLAND, PATRICIA       Married 1985       MCQUIEN, TILLMAN
UMLAND, PAULINE       Married 1934       ARENDT, JACOB
UMLAND, REBECKA       Married 1810       AHLF, PETER
UMLAND, RHONDA       Married 1983       JAMES, DAVID
UMLAND, ROBIN       Married 1972       SUTTON, EDWARD
UMLAND, RUDOLPH       Married 1934       LOHMEIER, LOUISE
UMLAND, RUDOLPH       Married 1925       PUMP, HAZEL
UMLAND, RUDOLPH       Married 1938       ROCKENBACH, ELSIE

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