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ULLOM, FANNIE       Married 1889       TOLIVER, CHARLES
ULLOM, FLORA       Married 1885       HUFFMAN, JOHN
ULLOM, FLORENCE       Married 1912       MCSPADDEN, DEE
ULLOM, FLOYD       Married 1947       GREGG, JUNE
ULLOM, FRANCIS       Married 1887       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
ULLOM, FRANK       Married 1906       BAMBARGER, FLORA
ULLOM, FRANK       Married 1930       FARIS, NAOMI
ULLOM, FRANKLIN       Married 1929       ALLEN, GLADYS
ULLOM, FRANKLIN       Married 1879       CLINE, NANCY
ULLOM, FREDDIE       Married 1935       TIPTON, MARIETTA
ULLOM, FREDERICK       Married 1913       TAYLOR, CHARLES
ULLOM, GEORGE       Married 1801       BOWEN, MARGARET
ULLOM, GEORGE       Married 1814       BOWEN, MARGARET
ULLOM, GEORGE       Married 1870       BUTCHER, MARTILLA
ULLOM, GEORGE       Married 1898       COWMAN, RETTA
ULLOM, GEORGE       Married 1845       SPEED, DRUZILLA
ULLOM, GEORGE       Married 1897       WALLS, CLARA
ULLOM, GERALD       Married 1981       JENNINGS, ANGELA
ULLOM, GERTRUDE       Married 1897       COOPER, SHERMAN
ULLOM, GERTRUDE       Married 1915       EVANS, CHARLES
ULLOM, GLENN       Married 1918       DRUMM, CELIA
ULLOM, GLENN       Married 1946       MILLER, THELMA
ULLOM, GWENDOLYN       Married 1928       BONNEWITZ, JOHN

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