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ULLOM, ELIZABETH       Married 1887       MCCRACKEN, ISAAC
ULLOM, ELIZABETH       Married 1825       RAYMER, SAMUEL
ULLOM, ELLA       Married 1895       PORTER, GEORGE
ULLOM, ELLEN       Married 1851       GILL, SAMUEL
ULLOM, ELLEN       Married 1885       MONINGER, JOHNSON
ULLOM, ELMER       Married 1946       MILLER, THELMA
ULLOM, ELMER       Married 1906       MOSELEY, SARAH
ULLOM, ELMER       Married 1888       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
ULLOM, ELMERETTA       Married 1866       NIXON, WILLIAM
ULLOM, ELONZA       Married 1892       BERRY, TACY
ULLOM, EMERETTA       Married 1866       NIXON, WILLIAM
ULLOM, EMILY       Married 1877       BOWERSOCK, WILLIAM
ULLOM, EMMA       Married 1873       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
ULLOM, EMRETTA       Married 1866       NIXON, WILLIAM
ULLOM, ENOCH       Married 1876       STEPHENSON, SARAH
ULLOM, ESTHER       Married 1854       BUTCHER, THOMAS
ULLOM, ESTHER       Married 1856       BUTCHER, THOMAS
ULLOM, ESTHER       Married 1876       JOHNSON, WILLIAM
ULLOM, EUGENE       Married 1935       TIPTON, MARIETTA
ULLOM, EVERETT       Married 1909       PENNOCK, ELEANOR
ULLOM, EVERETT       Married 1919       WHITEMAN, NELLIE
ULLOM, EZEKRIEL       Married 1885       PHILLIPS, ALTHEA
ULLOM, EZRA       Married 1850       DOWD, LUCINDA
ULLOM, FANNIE       Married 1915       TOLIVER, C

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