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ULLOM, EDITH       Married 1915       BOLTON, ALFRED
ULLOM, EDNA       Married 1915       SUMWALT, CHARLES
ULLOM, EDWARD       Married 1900       MAIN, JESSIE
ULLOM, EDWARD       Married 1906       MOSELEY, AMANDA
ULLOM, EDWARD       Married 1906       MOSELEY, SARAH
ULLOM, ELAINE       Married 1927       MCSPADDEN, LEONARD
ULLOM, ELEANOR       Married 1928       MINER, ODGER
ULLOM, ELEONOR       Married 1928       MINER, ODGER
ULLOM, ELIJAH       Married 1816       BODKIN, ESTHER
ULLOM, ELIJAH       Married 1816       BODKIN, HESTER
ULLOM, ELIJAH       Married 1876       CHRISNER, EUREKA
ULLOM, ELIJAH       Married 1855       HENDERSON, MARY
ULLOM, ELIJAH       Married 1830       MITCHELL, ELIZABETH
ULLOM, ELIJAH       Married 1893       TALLMAN, SAMANTHA
ULLOM, ELISHA       Married 1833       KERR, JULIA
ULLOM, ELISHA       Married 1845       KERR, JULIA
ULLOM, ELIZA       Married 1888       MCCRACKEN, ISAAC
ULLOM, ELIZABETH       Married 1869       BEAL, JESSE
ULLOM, ELIZABETH       Married 1940       BRAUN, HARRY
ULLOM, ELIZABETH       Married 1867       BROWN, JONATHAN
ULLOM, ELIZABETH       Married 1856       CLUTTER, JOHN
ULLOM, ELIZABETH       Married 1885       EMMONS, ERNEST
ULLOM, ELIZABETH       Married 1910       HARSHMAN, GEORGE
ULLOM, ELIZABETH       Married 1855       JONES, SPAULDING

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