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ULLOM, BUNDY       Married 1896       IRVIN, LUCINDA
ULLOM, BUNDY       Married 1873       WINTERS, ALICE
ULLOM, CAREY       Married 1921       BEAZELL, LULU
ULLOM, CARL       Married 1922       GRIMM, ISABELLA
ULLOM, CAROL       Married 1979       ULLOM, JAMES
ULLOM, CAROLINE       Married 1869       COULTER, BENJAMIN
ULLOM, CAROLINE       Married 1915       COULTER, BENJAMIN
ULLOM, CATHARINE       Married 1870       STRAWN, LEVI
ULLOM, CATHERINE       Married 1906       SNODGRASS, CHRIS
ULLOM, CHARLES       Married 1919       BRADLEY, EFFIE
ULLOM, CHARLETON       Married 1941       ROGERS, MARY
ULLOM, CHESTER       Married 1919       BRADLEY, EFFIE
ULLOM, CHRISTINE       Married 1998       RICHARDSON, SEAN
ULLOM, CLARA       Married 1891       GRIM, JOSHUA
ULLOM, CLARA       Married 1901       SMITH, HARRY
ULLOM, CLARK       Married 1949       MOLLETT, EUGENIA
ULLOM, CLAUDE       Married 1920       BOLIVER, DERETHA
ULLOM, CONNIE       Married 1983       GARCIA, JOHN
ULLOM, CYNTHIA       Married 1983       ULLOM, ROBERT
ULLOM, CYNTHIA       Married 1985       ULLOM, ROBERT
ULLOM, DALTON       Married 1992       MOSLEY, GINA
ULLOM, DANIEL       Married 1830       JOHNSON, ANNA
ULLOM, DANIEL       Married 1833       JOHNSON, ANNA

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