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ULMER, HENRY       Married 1922       WILLIFORD, MYRTLE
ULMER, HENRYETTA       Married 1887       WOOD, WILLIAM
ULMER, HERMAN       Married 1964       ADAM, ANNA
ULMER, HERMAN       Married 1934       BECHTOLD, TILLIE
ULMER, HERMAN       Married 1921       BUETER, CHRISTINE
ULMER, HERMAN       Married 1877       CROSBY, AMANDA
ULMER, HERMAN       Married 1947       FENDER, INA
ULMER, HERMAN       Married 1949       MAYHER, DORTHY
ULMER, HERMAN       Married 1944       WATSON, EDITH
ULMER, HEWELL       Married 1945       CRUMPTON, ANNA
ULMER, HEYWARD       Married 1937       PATRICK, MARY
ULMER, HEYWARD       Married 1937       PATRICK, RACHEL
ULMER, HILDA       Married 1974       ULMER, RONNIE
ULMER, HIRAM       Married 1917       BENNER, GENEVA
ULMER, HIRAM       Married 1888       COLLAMORE, LETHA
ULMER, HIRAM       Married 1858       COOKSON, MELISSA
ULMER, HIRAM       Married 1918       DAVIS, BERNICE
ULMER, HIRAM       Married 1893       LUNT, FLORA
ULMER, HIRAM       Married 1918       YOUNG, BERNICE
ULMER, HOMER       Married 1949       MELVIN, PHYLLIS
ULMER, HOPE       Married 1988       ULMER, JOHN
ULMER, HORACE       Married 1977       HANEY, SUSAN
ULMER, HORACE       Married 1950       WHITE, MARY
ULMER, HORACE       Married 1951       WHITE, MARY

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