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ULMER, GREGORY       Married 1976       FOLEY, PATRICIA
ULMER, GREGORY       Married 1992       ULMER, DONNA
ULMER, GREGORY       Married 1976       ULMER, PATRICIA
ULMER, GREGORY       Married 1979       ULMER, ROBBIE
ULMER, GUERRY       Married 1929       BRELAND, BRIDIE
ULMER, GUERRY       Married 1865       CROSBY, MARTHA
ULMER, GUERRY       Married 1799       DAVIS, CHARLES
ULMER, GUERRY       Married 1876       RISHER, SARA
ULMER, GUERRY       Married 1876       RISHER, SARAH
ULMER, GUSSIE       Married 1919       NIXON, JOHN
ULMER, GUSSIE       Married 1924       STUART, CHARLES
ULMER, GUSTAV       Married 1931       KUEHNAS, HULDE
ULMER, HAMILTON       Married 1887       NEASE, VICTORIA
ULMER, HANNAH       Married 1816       BARTLETT, KNOTT
ULMER, HANNAH       Married 1767       BECKETT, BENJAMIN
ULMER, HANNAH       Married 1786       HYLER, HENRY
ULMER, HANNAH       Married 1782       MALCOLM, DAVID
ULMER, HANNS       Married 1641       UNKNOWN, CATHARINA
ULMER, HANS       Married 1658       GOHL, KATHARINA
ULMER, HANS       Married 1793       LABHART, ANNA
ULMER, HANS       Married 1688       LAMINETH, ANNA
ULMER, HANS       Married 1738       STEINMETZ, MARIA
ULMER, HANSS       Married 1737       STEINMETZ, MARIA
ULMER, HAROLD       Married 1952       MURPHY, PRISCILLA

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