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ULMAN, JOSEPH       Married 1861       ETLING, MARY
ULMAN, JOSEPHINE       Married 1933       PAINTER, RONALD
ULMAN, JR       Married 1982       KILDOW, SHARON
ULMAN, JULIUS       Married 1892       LINDHEIMER, AUGUSTA
ULMAN, KAREN       Married 1973       ULMAN, EDWARD
ULMAN, KATHLEEN       Married 1986       ULMAN, MATTHEW
ULMAN, KENNETH       Married 1938       MORRIS, CLARE
ULMAN, LAURIE       Married 1982       ULMAN, ROBERT
ULMAN, LETICIA       Married 1857       GOLDEN, WILLIAM
ULMAN, LINDA       Married 1983       PARMIGIANO, JAMES
ULMAN, LORRAINE       Married 1945       JAEGER, LEONARD
ULMAN, LORRAINE       Married 1981       SCHMITTER, RAY
ULMAN, LOUISE       Married 1884       MARKEN, JACOB
ULMAN, LUCY       Married 1858       HEISTER, JOHN
ULMAN, LYDIA       Married 1928       BURRELL, RAYMOND
ULMAN, LYDIA       Married 1962       HILL, JOHN
ULMAN, MADELINE       Married 1935       MCCALLIE, WILLIAM
ULMAN, MAILA       Married 1927       KORSMAN, ARVO
ULMAN, MALINDA       Married 1883       EMPEY, LAFAYETTE
ULMAN, MARGARET       Married 1824       CARPENTER, ASA
ULMAN, MARGARET       Married 1862       FLINT, ALBERT
ULMAN, MARGARET       Married 1925       GENGLER, EDWARD
ULMAN, MARGARET       Married 1857       HOFFMAN, PHILIP
ULMAN, MARGARET       Married 1853       HOFFMANN, PHILLIP

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