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UILKIE, DORIS       Married 1985       EICKENHORST, JAMES
UILKIE, DORIS       Married 1979       SECHELSKI, CECIL
UILKIE, ED       Married 1966       BROCKMAN, LURIE
UILKIE, GERALYN       Married 1974       WILKS, ORAN
UILKIE, JAMES       Married 1966       HARTMAN, BRENDA
UILKIE, KEVIN       Married 1987       HOLT, TAMMY
UILKIE, LARRY       Married 1984       GURKA, WANDA
UILKIE, MARTHA       Married 1975       BECKER, TOMMIE
UILKIE, NANCY       Married 1990       WATTS, MORGAN
UILKIE, PATRICIA       Married 1971       WOMACK, BILLY
UILKIE, PATSY       Married 1988       BARTKOWIAK, RUSSELL
UILKIE, PETE       Married 1993       LIVESAY, PATSY
UILKIE, ROGER       Married 1993       ANTHONY, VICTORIA
UILKIE, TERESA       Married 1978       CARLSON, BRADLEY
UILKIE, TOMMY       Married 1990       FRIEDMAN, LISA
UILLART, JOHANNA       Married 1854       OLTHOF, HARM
UILLCOTT, MARIE       Married 1820       GROS, JOSEPH
UILLEIM, TH       Married 1269       LLEWELYN, HELEN
UILLER, JACOB       Married 1886       THONEY, ELIZABETH
UILLERSMA, GRIETJE       Married 1813       HOMAN, FOPPE
UILLOM, JOHN       Married 1846       HILL, BELITHE
UILOA, ALDARA       Married 1210       FERNANDEZ, ALFONSO
UILOA, ALDARA       Married 1210       UNKNOWN, ALPHONSO

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