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T01B1, AGATHE       Married 1555       HÖHENLOHE, EBERHARD
T01B1, GEORG       Married 1564       ERBACH, WALPURGIS
T01B1, HEILWIG       Married 1267       ISENBURG BUDINGEN, LUDWIG
T01B1, KONRAD       Married 1624       LEININGEN, ANASTASIE
T01B1, KONRAD       Married 1532       ZWEIBR01B1, JOHANNE
T01B1, LUITGARD       Married 1277       HÖHENBERG, BURKHARD
T01B1, MATHILDE       Married 1225       HÖHENBERG, BURKHARD
T01B1, RUDOLF       Married 1203       W01B1, ADELHEID
T01B1, RUDOLF       Married 1251       W01B1, MISS
T0BEY, MARY       Married 1901       KEITH, CHARLES
T0RCAR, KARLO       Married 1907       ETVERT, MARY
T2TU, JEAN       Married 1819       PICARD, LUCIE
T3ECHE, JOHN       Married 1552       SPILLMAN, ELIZABETHE
T7B, ABRAHAM       Married 1682       PORTER, SARAH
T7B, BENJAMIN       Married 1682       SMITH, MARY
T7B, HANNAH       Married 1666       RICHARDS, OBADIAH
T7B, MARY       Married 1662       BARNES, THOMAS
T7B, MARY       Married 1674       BRONSON BRUNSON, JACOB
T7B, ROBERT       Married 1720       OLMSTEAD, ANNA
T7B, SARAH       Married 1707       BENEDICT, JOHN

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