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TRAYLOR, MAY       Married 1993       HAYNES, GERRY
TRAYLOR, MAY       Married 1920       HICKS, UNKNOWN
TRAYLOR, MAY       Married 1894       HOLLOWAY, JOHN
TRAYLOR, MAY       Married 1932       IVEY, DOYLE
TRAYLOR, MAY       Married 1894       SOWARDS, CHARLES
TRAYLOR, MAY       Married 1906       TRAYLOR, OMAR
TRAYLOR, MAY       Married 1904       WISEMAN, THOMAS
TRAYLOR, MAY       Married 1895       WRIGHT, H      
TRAYLOR, MAYAL       Married 1793       FOWLER, PHOEBE
TRAYLOR, MAYBIRD       Married 1906       WHITTEN, ALMA
TRAYLOR, MAYNARD       Married 1979       NORMAN, HELEN
TRAYLOR, MAZELLE       Married 1941       TRAYLOR, CHARLIE
TRAYLOR, MEADOW       Married 1886       FEASTER, MARY
TRAYLOR, MEDIA       Married 1907       MCDANIEL, WILLIAM
TRAYLOR, MEDIA       Married 1908       WELLENGER, CHARLES
TRAYLOR, MELANIE       Married 1981       CORMIER, JOSEPH
TRAYLOR, MELANIE       Married 1988       STEWART, EARL
TRAYLOR, MELANIE       Married 2000       WILSON, WILLIAM
TRAYLOR, MELANIE       Married 1987       WORD, RONALD
TRAYLOR, MELINDA       Married 1847       DUNN, JESSE
TRAYLOR, MELINDA       Married 1972       TRAYLOR, JIMMY
TRAYLOR, MELINDA       Married 1872       WYGANT, B

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