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TRAYLOR, BRUCE       Married 1989       TRAYLOR, MARGARET
TRAYLOR, BRUCE       Married 1904       UNKNOWN, RUTH
TRAYLOR, BUCHMAN       Married 1813       LANGE, LYDIA
TRAYLOR, BUCKLEY       Married 1827       HARRELL, MARY
TRAYLOR, BUCKLEY       Married 1813       LANG, LYDIA
TRAYLOR, BUCKMAN       Married 1891       GOSDEN, CARRIE
TRAYLOR, BUCKMAN       Married 1891       GOSDIN, CARRIE
TRAYLOR, BUCKMAN       Married 1813       LANE, LYDIA
TRAYLOR, BUCKNER       Married 1789       HANDY, MARY
TRAYLOR, BUD       Married 1946       WRIGHT, MILDRED
TRAYLOR, BUD       Married 1866       YANCEY, MARY
TRAYLOR, BUDDY       Married 1895       COLEMAN, ZURAH
TRAYLOR, BUFORD       Married 1922       COUNCIL, MARY
TRAYLOR, BURCHETT       Married 1839       BATEY, GEORGE
TRAYLOR, BURL       Married 1922       BAILEY, LETTIE
TRAYLOR, BUSH       Married 1837       PRIDE, HENRY
TRAYLOR, BUSH       Married 1837       PRIDE, WOOLSEY
TRAYLOR, C       Married 1912       MOMINEE, THOMAS
TRAYLOR, C       Married 1925       PEARSON, MAUDE
TRAYLOR, C       Married 1896       SPERRY, IONE
TRAYLOR, CALANDRA       Married 1997       BRADFORD, BRYAN
TRAYLOR, CALEB       Married 1828       DUNCAN, MARTHA

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