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TRAVIS, CLAUD       Married 1915       TRAVIS, UNKNOWN
TRAVIS, CLAUDE       Married 1919       BALLEW, HATTIE
TRAVIS, CLAUDE       Married 1942       HODGE, ZELLA
TRAVIS, CLAUDE       Married 1907       MARTIN, AUGUSTA
TRAVIS, CLAUDE       Married 1922       WAITE, VIVIEN
TRAVIS, CLAUDENE       Married 1962       TRAVIS, LARRY
TRAVIS, CLAUDIA       Married 1992       DAVIS, ODELL
TRAVIS, CLAY       Married 1956       ESSLINGER, DONNA
TRAVIS, CLAY       Married 1928       JACKSON, GEORGIA
TRAVIS, CLAY       Married 1893       LUTTRELL, MINNIE
TRAVIS, CLAY       Married 1899       YOUNGBLOOD, MAGGIE
TRAVIS, CLAYTON       Married 1906       O'DANIEL, SOPHIA
TRAVIS, CLAYTON       Married 1975       RIDDLE, KIM
TRAVIS, CLAYTON       Married 1977       ROBINETT, JUDY
TRAVIS, CLAYTON       Married 1992       SWEGER, KAY
TRAVIS, CLAYTON       Married 1977       TRAVIS, JUDY
TRAVIS, CLAYTON       Married 1975       TRAVIS, KIM
TRAVIS, CLEMENCE       Married 1914       CLARK, ARCHIE
TRAVIS, CLEMENS       Married 1920       BECK, LUCY
TRAVIS, CLEMENT       Married 1940       MCGREW, GOLVINITA
TRAVIS, CLEO       Married 1913       KELLY, CHARLES
TRAVIS, CLEO       Married 1969       KING, MARGIE

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