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TRAVER, ESTELLE       Married 1928       CARROLL, CLAUDE
TRAVER, ESTELLE       Married 1928       CARROLL, LAWRENCE
TRAVER, ESTELLE       Married 1893       DUDLEY, FREDERICK
TRAVER, ESTER       Married 1856       ASELSTINE, ALANSON
TRAVER, ESTER       Married 1859       ASELTYNE, ALANSON
TRAVER, ESTHER       Married 1954       BANDELOW, LOWELL
TRAVER, ESTHER       Married 1857       MCLAUGHLIN, ALVA
TRAVER, ESTHER       Married 1927       WYCOFF, CHARLES
TRAVER, ETHEL       Married 1914       TILLOTSON, CALVIN
TRAVER, ETHEL       Married 1921       WOOLDRIDGE, WAYNE
TRAVER, ETTA       Married 1897       BARR, JOSEPH
TRAVER, EUGENE       Married 1865       LUTES, LORANA
TRAVER, EUNICE       Married 1940       DICKINSON, WILEY
TRAVER, EVA       Married 1880       COOKE, AMOS
TRAVER, EVA       Married 1909       DELAMATER, GEARGE
TRAVER, EVA       Married 1909       DELAMATER, GEORGE
TRAVER, EVA       Married 1810       DOTY, DAVID
TRAVER, EVA       Married 1925       GOULD, JOSEPH
TRAVER, EVA       Married 1882       SHARP, GEORGE
TRAVER, EVA       Married 1826       TRAVER, GIDEON
TRAVER, EVA       Married 1910       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
TRAVER, EVE       Married 1813       NICKEL, JOHN

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