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TRAUB, LOREN       Married 1927       WOODIN, MARGERY
TRAUB, LORENZ       Married 1870       GRAF, ELIZABETH
TRAUB, LORENZ       Married 1892       SAPP, ELLA
TRAUB, LOUIS       Married 1840       BARBARA, UNKNOWN
TRAUB, LOUIS       Married 1878       BROWN, FRANCES
TRAUB, LOUIS       Married 1877       WEIS, HELEN
TRAUB, LOUISA       Married 1885       FAHSELOR, GEORGE
TRAUB, LOUISA       Married 1884       FRIEDERICH, JOHN
TRAUB, LOUISA       Married 1885       GERDES, GEORGE
TRAUB, LOUISE       Married 1898       BALDWIN, CHARLES
TRAUB, LOUISE       Married 1940       BURDEN, CHARLES
TRAUB, LOUISE       Married 1898       MUTTACH, FRIEDRICH
TRAUB, LUCINDA       Married 1839       SEARLE, JAMES
TRAUB, LUDWIG       Married 1798       MACK, APOLLONIA
TRAUB, LYDIA       Married 1893       KNOBLOCK, JACOB
TRAUB, LYDIA       Married 1890       ROEDER, THOMAS
TRAUB, LYDIA       Married 1888       WENRICK, ANDREW
TRAUB, LYNETTE       Married 1992       TRAUB, GREG
TRAUB, MAE       Married 1907       HESS, GEORGE
TRAUB, MAGDALENA       Married 1863       BÜCH, PETER
TRAUB, MAGDALENA       Married 1858       NÜBLING, GEORG

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