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TRAUB, GUSTAVE       Married 1917       SCHMIDT, KATHRYN
TRAUB, GUSTAVE       Married 1917       SMITH, KATHRYN
TRAUB, GUSTAVE       Married 1913       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
TRAUB, GUSTIVE       Married 1892       SAPP, ELLA
TRAUB, GUTEL       Married 1630       GOLDSCHMIDT, SIMON
TRAUB, HANNAH       Married 1900       CROOKER, ERNEST
TRAUB, HANNAH       Married 1880       HAGER, JACOB
TRAUB, HANNAH       Married 1856       HOWERTER, PETER
TRAUB, HANS       Married 1687       RENTSCHLER, MARIA
TRAUB, HAROLD       Married 1917       RUSSIN, ANNA
TRAUB, HEATHER       Married 1992       KOMES, DOMINICK
TRAUB, HEINRICH       Married 1895       MUSCHLER, MARIA
TRAUB, HELENE       Married 1904       GOLDSTEIN, SALOMON
TRAUB, HENRY       Married 1870       CHRISTMAN, ELISABETH
TRAUB, HENRY       Married 1887       DECHANT, ESTHER
TRAUB, HENRY       Married 1865       FAUST, SUSANNA
TRAUB, HENRY       Married 1904       KENNELL, ORPHA
TRAUB, HENRY       Married 1938       REBHOLZ, ANNA
TRAUB, HENRY       Married 1875       SCHMIDT, ANNIE
TRAUB, HENRY       Married 1874       VOGLER, PAULINA
TRAUB, HENRY       Married 1905       WALL, CLARA

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