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TRAUB, ERNST       Married 1861       LEISS, ELISABETH
TRAUB, ERNST       Married 1828       MITTER, MARGARETHA
TRAUB, ERNST       Married 1922       SCHUPPISSER, HEDWIG
TRAUB, ESSIE       Married 1936       CUCKSEY, FRED
TRAUB, ESTELLA       Married 1907       HESS, GEORGE
TRAUB, ESTELLE       Married 1907       HESS, GEORGE
TRAUB, ETHEL       Married 1934       STAHR, FLOYD
TRAUB, EVA       Married 1834       EPLI, MICHAEL
TRAUB, EVA       Married 1802       SCHAIBLE, MATTHAUS
TRAUB, EVA       Married 1817       SCHAIBLIN, JOHANN
TRAUB, EVA       Married 1791       THEURER, JOHN
TRAUB, FANY       Married 1904       ZURBRUGG, ALFRED
TRAUB, FLORENCE       Married 1930       SCHLEGEL, CHARLES
TRAUB, FRED       Married 1884       BLUM, MINA      
TRAUB, FRED       Married 1946       MILLER, HAZEL
TRAUB, FREDERICK       Married 1918       GREGORY, HELEN
TRAUB, FREDERICK       Married 1946       MILLER, HAZEL
TRAUB, FREDERICK       Married 1874       VOGLER, PAULINA
TRAUB, FREDRICH       Married 1895       SCHURR, CHRISTINE
TRAUB, FRIDERICH       Married 1798       MACK, APOLLONIA
TRAUB, FRIEDRICH       Married 1864       AUMANN, MARIA

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