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TRASK, WEALTHY       Married 1832       COOK, JOHN
TRASK, WEALTHY       Married 1810       OTIS, THOMAS
TRASK, WEALTHY       Married 1896       PERRY, WILLIAM
TRASK, WEARE       Married 1881       STUCKER, CLARA
TRASK, WEBBER       Married 1894       STUBBERT, THEODORE
TRASK, WEBSTER       Married 1899       BORNEMAN, EMMA
TRASK, WEBSTER       Married 1933       DAVIS, RUTH
TRASK, WEBSTER       Married 1855       HORNE, HARRIET
TRASK, WEBSTER       Married 1868       HORNE, HARRIETT
TRASK, WELDON       Married 1941       MOREHOUSE, GLORIA
TRASK, WELLMAN       Married 1848       ECKER, LOIS
TRASK, WELLMAN       Married 1914       WOODILL, HARRY
TRASK, WENDELL       Married 1941       PETTIPAS, ANNIE
TRASK, WHIPPLE       Married 1861       JILLSON, EMELINE
TRASK, WILBUR       Married 1959       DOLLEY, RENA
TRASK, WILBUR       Married 1937       STOVER, VIOLA
TRASK, WILCOTT       Married 1926       ORRELL, ELIZA
TRASK, WILCOTT       Married 1927       ORRELL, ELIZA
TRASK, WILLAIM       Married 1766       TRASK, HANNAH
TRASK, WILLARD       Married 1889       STOWELL, AGNES
TRASK, WILLIAM       Married 1750       ADAMS, JOAN

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