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TRASK, MARILYN       Married 1954       TRASK, WILLIAM
TRASK, MARION       Married 1939       CANN, ROY
TRASK, MARION       Married 1930       HANNING, GROVER
TRASK, MARION       Married 1938       HARRINGTON, GEORGE
TRASK, MARION       Married 1917       HERRICK, MAYNARD
TRASK, MARION       Married 1938       HUNTER, JOSEPH
TRASK, MARION       Married 1929       MCGRATH, JOSEPH
TRASK, MARION       Married 1928       MOELLERING, ALBERT
TRASK, MARION       Married 1933       NICHOLS, GEORGE
TRASK, MARION       Married 1966       PRESSEY, PHILIP
TRASK, MARION       Married 1963       REED, KENNETH
TRASK, MARJORIE       Married 1952       HOLT, JOHN
TRASK, MARJORIE       Married 1954       MACDONALD, PHILIP
TRASK, MARJORIE       Married 1956       PARKER, ROBERT
TRASK, MARJORIE       Married 1951       PREVATTE, WILLIAM
TRASK, MARJORIE       Married 1934       SMITH, PARKER
TRASK, MARJORIE       Married 1944       SMITH, PARKER
TRASK, MARJORIE       Married 1972       TRASK, WILLIAM
TRASK, MARK       Married 1980       HARWOOD, THERESE
TRASK, MARK       Married 1982       JACKSON, ELIZABETH
TRASK, MARK       Married 1995       MEHUREN, SUSAN

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