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TRASK, MAE       Married 1914       SUMMERS, IRVINE
TRASK, MAIDEN       Married 1706       TRASK, SAMUEL3
TRASK, MALVINA       Married 1880       LANE, DANIEL
TRASK, MANASSEH       Married 1749       BUTMAN, ELIZABETH
TRASK, MANGE       Married 1833       JOPLIN, WILLIAM
TRASK, MANLEY       Married 1881       PARIS, SARAH
TRASK, MANNASEH       Married 1807       WOODBURY, MARY
TRASK, MANNIE       Married 1920       WHITTIER, GUY
TRASK, MANNING       Married 1877       JOHNSON, HATTIE
TRASK, MARCELLA       Married 1930       THIBAULT, JOHN
TRASK, MARCELLUS       Married 1892       ALBEE, MINNIE
TRASK, MARCELLUS       Married 1892       COLE, MINNIE
TRASK, MARCY       Married 1736       HASKELL, WILLIAM
TRASK, MARCY       Married 1737       HASKELL, WILLIAM
TRASK, MARCY_OR_MERCY       Married 1717       TRASK, SAMUEL
TRASK, MARETTA       Married 1914       BAIN, BENJAMIN
TRASK, MARGARET       Married 1873       CHATHAM, WILLIAM
TRASK, MARGARET       Married 1857       ELLIS, JOSEPH
TRASK, MARGARET       Married 1859       GRANT, JOHN
TRASK, MARGARET       Married 1940       GRASS, GEORGE
TRASK, MARGARET       Married 1795       III, WILLIAM

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