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TRASK, LOUISA       Married 1813       LADD, BENJAMIN
TRASK, LOUISA       Married 1854       LOOMIS, DANIEL
TRASK, LOUISA       Married 1806       PARMETER, JOSEPH
TRASK, LOUISA       Married 1859       PERRY, FOSTER
TRASK, LOUISA       Married 1840       REDDEN, RETURN
TRASK, LOUISA       Married 1846       REDDING, RETURN
TRASK, LOUISA       Married 1806       UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN
TRASK, LOUISA       Married 1894       WEBB, HENRY
TRASK, LOUISA       Married 1853       WOODS, BRUCE
TRASK, LOUISA       Married 1833       WOODWARD, FREDERIC
TRASK, LOUISE       Married 1912       ALLISON, FREDERICK
TRASK, LOUISE       Married 1854       ANGELL, GEORGE
TRASK, LOUISE       Married 1993       COPPOLA, DAVID
TRASK, LOUISE       Married 1912       GIBSON, EMMET
TRASK, LOUISE       Married 1912       GIBSON, EMMETT
TRASK, LOUISE       Married 1934       HAZZARD, ORLANDO
TRASK, LOUISE       Married 1938       MCBRIDE, HARVEY
TRASK, LOUISE       Married 1925       MOORE, WALTER
TRASK, LOUISE       Married 1932       WINN, CARL
TRASK, LOVILA       Married 1874       CROSBY, GILBERT
TRASK, LOVIOLA       Married 1883       CROSBY, GILBERT

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