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TRASK, LIEUSINA       Married 1877       SIGMAN, ELSY
TRASK, LILA       Married 1948       MOORE, LELAND
TRASK, LILA       Married 1970       TRASK, GARRY
TRASK, LILIAN       Married 1930       BAKER, STANLEY
TRASK, LILLA       Married 1913       COLBY, HERBERT
TRASK, LILLA       Married 1910       GOODRIDGE, EBEN
TRASK, LILLIAN       Married 1910       BURBANK, GEORGE
TRASK, LILLIAN       Married 1895       CLARK, SAMUEL
TRASK, LILLIAN       Married 1921       GAGE, FRANKLIN
TRASK, LILLIAN       Married 1887       JOHNSON, ANDREW
TRASK, LILLIAN       Married 1914       LARRY, BERTRAN
TRASK, LILLIAN       Married 1919       PEEK, JAMES
TRASK, LILLIAN       Married 1897       YOUNG, NOTE
TRASK, LILLIE       Married 1884       BASS, THOMAS
TRASK, LILLIE       Married 1899       TRACY, FRANK
TRASK, LINDA       Married 1985       DOUCETTE, RICHARD
TRASK, LINDA       Married 1847       HANNAFORD, THOMAS
TRASK, LINDA       Married 1968       PERKINS, SIDNEY
TRASK, LINDA       Married 1962       STEWARD, CARLTON
TRASK, LINDA       Married 1995       TRASK, JEFFREY
TRASK, LINDA       Married 1970       TRASK, VAUGHN

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