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TRASK, LEROY       Married 1962       MORGAN, ELEANOR
TRASK, LEROY       Married 1949       TAYLOR, MARJORIE
TRASK, LESLIE       Married 1976       BACCUS, ROY
TRASK, LESLIE       Married 1992       MARSH, HELEN
TRASK, LESLIE       Married 1894       MULLEN, MARY
TRASK, LESLIE       Married 1921       NEWELL, HATTIE
TRASK, LESLIE       Married 1898       PERRY, HATTIE
TRASK, LESLIE       Married 1946       TRUE, MARY
TRASK, LESLIE       Married 1949       WILSON, INEZ
TRASK, LESTER       Married 1973       DUBOIS, PAMELA
TRASK, LETHA       Married 1934       WALLACE, WILLIAM
TRASK, LETTIE       Married 1924       DENNETT, JR
TRASK, LEVI       Married 1844       BATES, MERCY
TRASK, LEVI       Married 1804       GRANT, MARY
TRASK, LEVI       Married 1901       KNAPP, MARY
TRASK, LEVI       Married 1828       MELVIN, ELIZABETH
TRASK, LEVI       Married 1901       VILES, MARY
TRASK, LEVI       Married 1836       WHEELER, MELESE
TRASK, LEVINA       Married 1872       CAREY, JOSEPH
TRASK, LEWIS       Married 1937       LEWIN, ELIZABETH
TRASK, LIDA       Married 1917       SMITH, CHARLES

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