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TRASK, ELIAS       Married 1794       WILLIAMS, MARGARET
TRASK, ELIAS       Married 1744       WOODS, ABIGAIL
TRASK, ELIAS       Married 1835       WORDSWORTH, MARYETTE
TRASK, ELIHU       Married 1813       PARSONS, SIDNEY
TRASK, ELIJAH       Married 1815       MCFARLIN, AZUBAH
TRASK, ELIM       Married 1866       SHERWOOD, SARAH
TRASK, ELIN       Married 1876       OWENS, LAURA
TRASK, ELISABETH       Married 1692       HERRICK, STEPHEN
TRASK, ELIZA       Married 1861       COBB, EDWARD
TRASK, ELIZA       Married 1866       DALTON, O      
TRASK, ELIZA       Married 1918       DUDDING, BENJAMIN
TRASK, ELIZA       Married 1868       HINCKS, ELBRIDGE
TRASK, ELIZA       Married 1817       PATTEMORE, ROBERT
TRASK, ELIZA       Married 1881       PERIN, CHARLES
TRASK, ELIZA       Married 1833       SKINNER, GEORGE
TRASK, ELIZABETH       Married 1904       ADAMS, CHARLES
TRASK, ELIZABETH       Married 1928       BAGLEY, HENRY
TRASK, ELIZABETH       Married 1886       BAIN, JAMES
TRASK, ELIZABETH       Married 1728       BAKER, JONATHAN
TRASK, ELIZABETH       Married 1729       BAKER, JONATHAN
TRASK, ELIZABETH       Married 1834       BARTER, WALTER

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