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TRASK, BASIL       Married 1924       BICKFORD, WINNIE
TRASK, BASIL       Married 1950       LESSARD, CORINNE
TRASK, BASIL       Married 1950       SIMONS, CORINNE
TRASK, BATHSHEBA       Married 1765       JACKSON, EPHRAIM
TRASK, BATHSHEBA       Married 1809       TYLER, NATHANIEL
TRASK, BAYLES       Married 1781       BRADFORD, ISAAC
TRASK, BEAL       Married 1854       EASTERBROOK, JOSEPH
TRASK, BEATRICE       Married 1931       KNOX, EDWARD
TRASK, BEATRICE       Married 1951       ROBBINS, BENJAMIN
TRASK, BEATRICE       Married 1930       ROSS, LESTER
TRASK, BEATRICE       Married 1980       TAYLOR, EARL
TRASK, BEATRICE       Married 1918       WILSON, SHERRILL
TRASK, BELINDA       Married 1989       FORTIER, JOHN
TRASK, BELINDA       Married 1982       KEMPTON, RICHARD
TRASK, BELINDA       Married 1984       SHAW, ALAN
TRASK, BELLAMY       Married 1900       WESTBROOK, LILLIE
TRASK, BELLAMY       Married 1901       WESTBROOK, LILLIE
TRASK, BELLE       Married 1887       AMES, EDWIN
TRASK, BELLE       Married 1906       BRAGG, OMAR
TRASK, BELLE       Married 1915       HINES, JOSEPH
TRASK, BELLE       Married 1897       SEYMOUR, CHARLES
TRASK, BELLE       Married 1910       WILDASIN, FRANK

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