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TRASK, ANTHONY       Married 1895       CHASE, FANNIE
TRASK, ANTHONY       Married 1980       FULLER, KATHERINE
TRASK, ANTHONY       Married 1994       GOODRICH, PHOEBE
TRASK, ANTHONY       Married 1993       KEESLER, LAURA
TRASK, ANTHONY       Married 1903       MORRILL, EDYTHE
TRASK, ANTHONY       Married 1990       PERKINS, KAREN
TRASK, ANTHONY       Married 1941       SPARROW, ELIZABETH
TRASK, ANTOINETTE       Married 1860       CONANT, LORENZO
TRASK, APRIL       Married 1998       MOLLOY, BRIAN
TRASK, ARABELLA       Married 1902       DOANE, MARTIN
TRASK, ARABIA       Married 1905       BRICKEY, LETHA
TRASK, ARBIE       Married 1911       PRATT, GEORGE
TRASK, ARCHELAUS       Married 1834       WOODBURY, BETSEY
TRASK, ARCHIE       Married 1928       MILLER, RUTH
TRASK, ARDAIN       Married 1960       HOPKINS, GLENICE
TRASK, ARDELIA       Married 1929       CHAPMAN, JOSEPH
TRASK, ARLEN       Married 1992       HENRY, KAREN
TRASK, ARLENA       Married 1928       REYNOLDS, GEORGE
TRASK, ARLENE       Married 1964       FROST, WILLIAM
TRASK, ARLENE       Married 1941       PETERS, FRANK
TRASK, ARLETTA       Married 1904       BRANN, ABDUR
TRASK, ARLIE       Married 1933       THURSTON, ERNEST

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