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TRAMMEL, NANCY       Married 1876       BALL, JESSE
TRAMMEL, NANCY       Married 1836       ENYART, JOHN
TRAMMEL, NANCY       Married 1999       FARGUSEN, JIMMY
TRAMMEL, NANCY       Married 1858       MERCK, JOSEPH
TRAMMEL, NANCY       Married 1878       MOUNCE, HIRAM
TRAMMEL, NANCY       Married 1854       STUTEVILLE, ELIJAH
TRAMMEL, NANCY       Married 1969       TRAMMEL, GARY
TRAMMEL, NANCY       Married 1881       WEST, CALVIN
TRAMMEL, NANNIE       Married 1939       GOSSETT, RUSSELL
TRAMMEL, NANNIE       Married 1975       ROUSH, THOMAS
TRAMMEL, NAOMI       Married 1870       BAIN, WILLIAM
TRAMMEL, NARCISSA       Married 1837       ENYART, STEPHEN
TRAMMEL, NATALIE       Married 1945       DUPUIS, WADE
TRAMMEL, NEAL       Married 1928       TIMBROOK, LUCILLE
TRAMMEL, NELLEY       Married 1790       YATES, WILLIAM
TRAMMEL, NELLY       Married 1790       YATES, WILLIAM
TRAMMEL, NETTIE       Married 1913       MARTIN, FELIX
TRAMMEL, NEWT       Married 1936       UNKNOWN, DOROTHY
TRAMMEL, NEWTON       Married 1900       YOUNG, CORA
TRAMMEL, NEWTON       Married 1907       YOUNG, CORA
TRAMMEL, NORA       Married 1900       MANNING, JASPER

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