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TRAILER, JOSEPH       Married 1988       SMITH, BARBARA
TRAILER, JULIA       Married 1858       TOLAND, WILLIAM
TRAILER, LARRY       Married 1990       CLAYBROOK, MELISSA
TRAILER, LARRY       Married 1990       TRAILER, MELISSA
TRAILER, LEWIS       Married 1885       HALL, JENNIE
TRAILER, LOWERY       Married 1857       DEBRALER, SARAH
TRAILER, LOWERY       Married 1874       KENNEDY, D
TRAILER, LUCINDA       Married 1899       ROBERTS, GEORGE
TRAILER, LUTHER       Married 1931       HARBOUR, FLORENCE
TRAILER, MARION       Married 1894       BECKETT, ADELPHIA
TRAILER, MARTHA       Married 1869       NORRIS, RICHARD
TRAILER, MARY       Married 1903       POWELL, JAMES
TRAILER, MAY       Married 1903       POWELL, JAMES
TRAILER, MEDA       Married 1918       MANN, GRIFFIN
TRAILER, MELISSA       Married 1990       TRAILER, LARRY
TRAILER, MILTON       Married 1853       BELL, SARAH
TRAILER, MURRAY       Married 1901       YOUNG, CLARA
TRAILER, NANCY       Married 1847       DANIELS, GEORGE
TRAILER, NANCY       Married 1846       DUNCAN, JOHN
TRAILER, OTHELLO       Married 1901       YOUNG, CLARA
TRAILER, OVELLA       Married 1936       HARGETT, NATHAN

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