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TROTT, RACHAEL       Married 1878       NINNESS, JOSEPH
TROTT, RACHEL       Married 1757       CLARK, JAMES
TROTT, RACHEL       Married 1707       GORHAM, THOMAS
TROTT, RACHEL       Married 1729       GORHAM, THOMAS
TROTT, RACHEL       Married 1878       NINNESS, JOSEPH
TROTT, RACHEL       Married 1801       VINEY, CLEMENT
TROTT, RALPH       Married 1981       CARTER, MARY
TROTT, RALPH       Married 1906       KIRK, MABEL
TROTT, RALPH       Married 1980       RICHARD, FLORENCE
TROTT, RALPH       Married 1987       RICHARD, FLORENCE
TROTT, RANDOLPH       Married 1943       DOUTY, ELIZABETH
TROTT, RAYMOND       Married 1980       BRIGGS, NELLIE
TROTT, RAYMOND       Married 1960       DALEY, MARGUERITTE
TROTT, RAYMOND       Married 1930       MOSES, ALICE
TROTT, RAYMOND       Married 1947       PORTER, MARGUERITE
TROTT, RD       Married 1755       CARPENTER, ELIZA
TROTT, REBECCA       Married 1854       BAILEY, DAVID
TROTT, REBECCA       Married 1704       DEMING, EBENEZER
TROTT, REBECCA       Married 1807       GIBSON, ROBERT
TROTT, REBECCA       Married 1827       HASKELL, JOHN
TROTT, REBECCA       Married 1835       PILTON, ROBERT

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