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TROTT, MERCY       Married 1805       LANCASTER, EBENEZER
TROTT, MERLE       Married 1966       BIBBER, SOPHRONIA
TROTT, MERLE       Married 1993       HUME, JERI
TROTT, MERTON       Married 1918       LYONS, IVY
TROTT, MICHAEL       Married 1864       LARRICK, SARAH
TROTT, MICHAEL       Married 1978       MCNEELY, MARIBETH
TROTT, MICHAEL       Married 1887       SPAID, LIZZIE
TROTT, MICHAEL       Married 1737       WILSON, EMBLYN
TROTT, MICHAELA       Married 1989       GONZALEZ, JOE
TROTT, MICHELLE       Married 1990       TISCHLER, TRUMAN
TROTT, MILDRED       Married 1917       BRUNS, PAUL
TROTT, MILDRED       Married 1953       GAY, WARREN
TROTT, MILDRED       Married 1917       GILMAN, LELAND
TROTT, MILDRED       Married 1952       MARSHALL, FRED
TROTT, MILDRED       Married 1949       MOWATT, CECIL
TROTT, MILDRED       Married 1937       SPILLER, LLOYD
TROTT, MILLARD       Married 1949       BROWN, JOANNA
TROTT, MILLARD       Married 1963       COLLINS, JUDITH
TROTT, MILLARD       Married 1934       GRATTO, ESTHER
TROTT, MILLARD       Married 1982       MOODY, SUSAN

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