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TROTT, LAVINIA       Married 1891       REDDICK, ANDREW
TROTT, LAWRENCE       Married 1990       CUMMINGS, MARY
TROTT, LAWRENCE       Married 1981       KROUSE, MARY
TROTT, LAWRENCE       Married 1953       ROGERS, JOAN
TROTT, LAWRENCE       Married 1944       TROTT, BETTIE
TROTT, LAWRENCE       Married 1979       WOOD, BIRDIE
TROTT, LAWRY       Married 1892       DYER, ALMA
TROTT, LEE       Married 1914       BUCKLER, CALVERT
TROTT, LEE       Married 1903       GOW, EDNA
TROTT, LEE       Married 1882       SEARS, JESSE
TROTT, LEILA       Married 1923       PIPER, CHARLES
TROTT, LELA       Married 1917       SIDDLE, JAMES
TROTT, LEMUEL       Married 1870       BROOKINGS, EMMA
TROTT, LEMUEL       Married 1836       CROCKER, HANNAH
TROTT, LEMUEL       Married 1782       HARNDEN, MARTHA
TROTT, LEMUEL       Married 1766       MOTHERWELL, MARTHA
TROTT, LEMUEL       Married 1768       MOTHERWELL, MARTHA
TROTT, LEMUEL       Married 1803       REED, FANNY
TROTT, LEMUEL       Married 1893       THOMPSON, JESSIE
TROTT, LEO       Married 1940       DUBORD, ETHEL
TROTT, LEO       Married 1951       MOELLER, JANET
TROTT, LEOLA       Married 1930       TARBOX, PARKER

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