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TROTT, JENKINS       Married 1828       ADAIR, SARAH
TROTT, JENKINS       Married 1828       ADIAR, SALLIE
TROTT, JENNIE       Married 1934       CARLL, EUGENE
TROTT, JENNIE       Married 1988       MCCARTHY, JOHN
TROTT, JENNIE       Married 1905       RILEY, WILLIAM
TROTT, JENNIE       Married 1900       SPENCER, FRED
TROTT, JENNY       Married 1787       HANN, MARK
TROTT, JERUSHA       Married 1712       GOODRICH, EPHRAIM
TROTT, JERUSHA       Married 1705       WELLES, THOMAS
TROTT, JESSE       Married 1914       BUCKLER, CALVERT
TROTT, JESSE       Married 1904       CROCKER, SAMUEL
TROTT, JESSE       Married 1914       PEEL, MARTHA
TROTT, JESSIE       Married 1996       BETTIS, WILLIAM
TROTT, JESSIE       Married 1914       BUCKLER, CALVERT
TROTT, JESSIE       Married 1940       ERNEST, ARTHUR
TROTT, JESSIE       Married 1942       NEWMAN, STANLEY
TROTT, JESSIE       Married 1946       SMITH, AL
TROTT, JIM       Married 1899       ALLEN, LELIA
TROTT, JOAN       Married 1594       GAYLORD, HUGH
TROTT, JOAN       Married 1746       PARKER, WILLIAM
TROTT, JOAN       Married 1716       PARSONS, HENRY
TROTT, JOANNA       Married 1790       GROVER, BENJAMIN

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