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TROLUPPE, WILLYAM       Married 1577       FLETCHER, AGNES
TROLUPPE, WILLYAM       Married 1582       TWEKYE, ELYN
TROLY, FANNIE       Married 1977       HICKS, CHAUNCEY
TROLYP, HANNAH       Married 1731       MAISH, THOMAS
TROLYP, HANNAH       Married 1733       WHEELER, WILLIAM
TROLYP, ROGER       Married 1729       GARRET, BRIDGET
TROLYP, THOMAS       Married 1726       GARRET, ABIGAIL
TROLYP, THOMAS       Married 1744       TEUDOR, MARY
TROLZ, DONNA       Married 1950       MOEHN, ARTHUR
TROLZ, FAYE       Married 1950       MOEHN, ARTHUR
TROM, ALVIN       Married 1923       MOTL, MARY      
TROM, ANGELINE       Married 1873       SCHNEM, JOHN
TROM, ANITA       Married 1976       TROM, LAWRENCE
TROM, BARBARA       Married 1890       RILEY, JOHN
TROM, BERNARD       Married 1970       WOODARD, EDITH
TROM, BORGHILD       Married 1927       UNDERWOOD, GERALD
TROM, CODY       Married 1992       MCCARTHY, RACHEL
TROM, DONALD       Married 1952       STARMAN, JOSEPHINE
TROM, DROM       Married 1784       HAMM, ANNA      
TROM, EDWARD       Married 1957       MONAHAN, DOROTHY
TROM, EDWARD       Married 1923       SAMUELSSON, ANNA
TROM, EUGENE       Married 1923       MOTL, MARY

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