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TROLL, CHRISTINA       Married 1868       GETHMANN, HENRY
TROLL, CLAIRE       Married 1908       PRIOR, GUY
TROLL, CONRAD       Married 1861       MANNBACK, ANNA
TROLL, CYNTHIA       Married 1975       TROLL, JOSEPH
TROLL, DONNA       Married 1974       GEORGE, MICHAEL
TROLL, DONNA       Married 1978       PAVLOSKI, LEON
TROLL, EDWARD       Married 1893       ANDERSON, DANNIE
TROLL, EDWARD       Married 1893       ANDERSON, DONNA
TROLL, EDWARD       Married 1893       ANDERSON, DONNIE
TROLL, ELISABETH       Married 1662       FREY, CONRAD
TROLL, ELIZA       Married 1893       SIDEBOTTOM, EMMETT
TROLL, ELIZABETH       Married 1610       PIERCE, JOHN
TROLL, ELIZABETH       Married 1719       POWERS, EZEKIEL
TROLL, ELIZABETH       Married 1624       WILCOCK, ROBERT
TROLL, ELIZABETH       Married 1625       WILCOCK, ROBERT
TROLL, EMILY       Married 1920       BREWER, RUSSELL
TROLL, ERNEST       Married 1901       RILEY, MAUD
TROLL, ESTELLE       Married 1906       LANE, UNKNOWN
TROLL, EUNICE       Married 1882       SNODGRASS, WILLIAM
TROLL, EVA       Married 1809       EIT, GEORG      
TROLL, EVA       Married 1815       EIT, MICHAEL

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